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Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship is a congregation rooted in the Anabaptist principles of peacemaking, community, and following the way of Jesus in life. We hold as central to our faith the commandment that Jesus taught as a summary of all the great teachings — that we love God with all our strength, mind and spirit; and that we love our neighbor as ourself. We live all over the Cincinnati metropolitan area – including Kentucky and Indiana.

We come from various faith traditions – you don’t have to be born Mennonite or have the right last name to join us. Explore these pages to learn more about us, and then come visit us as you are able. We welcome all who would like to worship with us — whether for a one time visit, or for exploring joining the congregation, or anything in between. Whether we ever meet you or not, we invite you to join with us in living out the vision of God’s Beloved Community in whatever setting you may find yourself.

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